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Products By S. B. Panchal & Company
  • Coating/Polishing

    Salient Features- Uniform coating Thickness- Uniform Spray Rate for all nozzles- Uniform Drying- Uniform Mixing of Tablet Bed- Shortened Process Time ... more

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  • Fluid Bed Processor

    Salient Features- Certified Explosion Relief Vent- Internal Static Charge Arrestor- External static Charge Arrestor- Failsafe Earthing System- Process Interlocks & Alarms - Utility ... more

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  • Tray Dryer

    Salient Features - Tray drying is the most economical type of drying in which a static bed of product on trays is dryed by a current of hot air passing over it.Drying System- S.B. Panchal & C ... more

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  • Dry Heat Sterilization System

    Salient Features- Dry Heat Sterilization and Depyrogenation is a validated process undertaken to render a product (medical device/instrument/packing material) free of   microorganisms by mea ... more

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