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Ramashary Pharma Equipment   
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Contact Person: Mr. Laxmichand Sharma
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Products By Ramashary Pharma Equipment
  • Plantery Mixer

    Salient Features         - The equipment is designed for achieving the agitation feature in the form of platery nature. - For achieving the homogenous mixing th ... more

  •  Company: Ramashary Pharma Equipment Viewed : 738 times
  • Mass Mixer

    Salient Features    - Ideal for dealing with difficult & sticky nature materials. - Higher efficiency with homogenous mixing. - Tilting arrangement of the blender at the time of unl ... more

  •  Company: Ramashary Pharma Equipment Viewed : 850 times
  • Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)

    Salient Feature - Widely used for Mixing, Kneading, Small granulation, & Crushing; whole in one vessel - It is generally called as high shear processor - It has got Homogeneous binder distrib ... more

  •  Company: RRamashary Pharma Equipment Viewed : 858 times
  • Fluid Bed Dyer

    Salient Features        - Exist better productivity at lower drying time. - Best feature is no contamination of product from batch to batch - Designed for homogenous ... more

  •  Company: Ramashary Pharma Equipment Viewed : 1000 times
  • Comminuting Mill

    Salient Features - Effective control & uniformity of practical size without chocking the chamber. - Widely used for small, medium & large-scale production. - The rotor of beater assembly ... more

  •  Company: Ramashary Pharma Equipment Viewed : 1117 times