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Products By Pramukh Industries
  • Auger Filling

    Salinet Features - Semi-Automatic Machine with Auger Filling System operates on the principle of positive displacement Screw operating under constant head it   will have a hopper and pr ... more

  •  Company: Pramukh Industries Viewed : 1004 times
  • Volumetric Filling Machine

    Salient Features    - Semi automatic liquid filling machine for filling free flowing liquid such as Edible Oil, Hair Oil, Lubrication Oil, Shampoo, Juice in container, jar,   pouch ... more

  •  Company: Pramukh Industries Viewed : 1103 times
  • Form Fill Seal Machine - (Vertical) for tablet packing

    Salient Features    - Application: The Machine operates on the principle filling of volumetric dish counting system. It is suitable for automatic packaging of medicine   & food ... more

  •  Company: Pramukh Industries Viewed : 914 times
  • Form Fill Seal Machine - (Vertical) for liquid filling

    Salient Features   - Application : The machine operates on the principle of Volumetric syringe filling system with a provision of volume adjustment. This machine can   pack liquid items ... more

  •  Company: Pramukh Industries Viewed : 866 times
  • Form Fill Seal Machine - (Vertical) for powder filling

    Salient Features Application- This machine is suitable for packing any free flowing Powder, Granules, Spices, Pan Masala, Dhana Dal, Tobacco, Mehendi, Churn, Pharmaceutical   ORS Powder, Agr ... more

  •  Company: Pramukh Industries Viewed : 893 times