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Contact Person: Mr. P. Mani
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Products By Pharma Chem Machineries
  • Automatic Labelling / Gumming / Stikering Machine

    Salient Features            - Automatically Labels on Round Containers of Glass & Plastic, with Wrap Round Labels and also Flag Type in the V ... more

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  • Blister Packaging Machine

    Salient Features       - Continuous motion rotary sealing is ideal for high blister output combined with rapid tool-free changeover. - Intermittent motion platensealing assure ... more

  •  Company: Pharma Chem Machineries Viewed : 887 times
  • Planetary Mixer

    Salient Features        - Vaccum jacketed along with homonizer, ideal for mixing of pharmaceutical creams, ointments, cosmetic creams, herbal creams, ceramics,  ... more

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  • Automatic Capsule Printing Machine

    Salient Features- The automatic capsule loading machine is sturdy, compact in design and simple in operation.- It is labour and time saving.- This machine is best suited for medium/small scale pharmac ... more

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  • Fraibility Tester

    Salinet Features - Campbell Electronics new Tablet Friability Testers are designed to replace the bulky, troublesome and expensive models in the market.- Friabilator has now become an accepted st ... more

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