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Nishotech Systems Pvt. Ltd.   
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Contact Person: Mr.Sanjay Badani
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Products By Nishotech Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Candle Filtration

    Salient Features - This filter type allows continuous filtration without interruption of flow. - The solids are flushed back into the liquid and discharged in slurry form. - This filtration proce ... more

  •  Company: Nishotech Systems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 652 times
  • Electrocoat painting

    Salient Features - Tubular electrodialysis cells.- Available in 0.15 m2 / linear m and 0.19m2 / linear m configurations.- Available for both vertical & bottom / floor installation.- Available ... more

  •  Company: Nishotech Systems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 767 times
  • Bio-Liquid Handling Systems

    Salient Features - Options of temp. control and solvent recovery systems.- Flexible design to handle number of buffer and CIP inlets and up to 10 fractions.- Used in combination with PROCROM® ... more

  •  Company: Nishotech Systems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 623 times
  • Critical Fluid Chromatography

    Salient Features - SUPERSEPT Systems are meant for fast robust and environmental friendly operations; .- Handling loads from few gms to kilograms. - This flexible system is designed to use gas as ... more

  •  Company: Nishotech Systems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 567 times
  • Sterile Process Piping

    Salient Features - Nilsan Nishotech has become a name to reckon with in the Pharma. - Food Processing and Biotech world for Sterile Process Piping Systems. - With its vast experience in executing ... more

  •  Company: Nishotech Systems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 665 times
  • Nano Filtration

    Salient Features - NF is capable of separating / concentrating compounds that have a molecular weight greater than 1000 daltons.- Sugars from sugar solutions,- Divalent salts,- Bacteria,- Protein ... more

  •  Company: Nishotech Systems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 994 times
  • Ultra Filtration

    Salient Features - UF is dependent on size of the particle. - The driving force for transport across the membrane is a pressure differential. UF processes operate at 2-10 bars. - Typical rejected ... more

  •  Company: Nishotech Systems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 568 times
  • Micro Filtration

    Salient Features - It is a filtration using porous films/ materials with pores in the region of 0.1-10.0 microns. - Microfiltration is a process of separating material of colloidal size and large ... more

  •  Company: Nishotech Systems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 661 times
  • Ion Exchange Chromatography

    Salient Features- Working on principle of Ion ex. And adsorption and low pressure systems NSPL brings in industrial systems for  food ind. ( Sugar, starch, dairy, organic acids).- We can provide ... more

  •  Company: Nishotech Systems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 901 times
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography

    Salient Features- HIPERSEP (High performance liquid chromatography) system is designed for 24X7 operation with different modes available for injection of    sample, elution method and fracti ... more

  •  Company: Nishotech Systems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 705 times
  • Turn Key Separation

    Salient Features- Nishotech along with its Technology Partners offers turnkey solution for various purification and separation needs of its customers. Global   technological knowhow of world ... more

  •  Company: Nishotech Systems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 681 times
  • CIP & SIP Systems

    Salient Features- Our design technologies for CIP system is most frequently needed technology for internal cleaning of the processes. Where our technology    ensures cleaning of the interior ... more

  •  Company: Nishotech Systems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 974 times
  • Nishotech Systems Pvt. Ltd. - Water Purification Plants

    Salient Features Purified Water System Water is the most widely used raw material in the Pharmaceutical industry. Most processes require water that meets legal standards as defined by  pharm ... more

  •  Company: Nishotech Systems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 798 times