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Contact Person: Mr. Rahul Thakur
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Products By Nimco Engg Corp.
  • Nimco - Semi Automatic Strip Packing Machines

    Salient Features - Our semi automatic strip packaging machines is provided with 230 volts heater that enables sealing from two sides. It is equipped with roller drive,   feeding disc, c ... more

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  • Nimco - Fully Automatic Strip Packing Machines

    - We offer fully automatic strips packing machines that reckoned fro its features such as durable, easy to operate and longer service life. Since, this    machine is fully automatic it just ... more

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  • Nimco - Blister Packing Machines

    - The blister packing machines manufactured by us is appreciated for its quality and long service life. These automatic blister packing machines are    completely automatic and the use of co ... more

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  • Nimco - Automatic Form Filling And Sealing Machines (Vertical)

    - The automatic form filling machines and automatic sealing machines offered by us is widely applied for granules, tablets, packing powder and liquid.    Since these machines are fully autom ... more

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