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Products By Nichrome
  • Sprint 250 Plus Cup Filler

    Salient Features.  - Nichrome’s SPRINT 250 PLUS SERIES has automation equipped machines with CE marked PLC and touch screen HMI. - Its servo motor driven sealing system can effectively ... more

  •  Company: Nichrome Viewed : 856 times
  • VFFS Machines- Saltpack

    Salient Features.  - SALTPACK is a high speed solution for the salt industry with a robust machine designed for long term performance under continuous operations.- The products parts are designed ... more

  •  Company: Nichrome Viewed : 1189 times
  • Excel Plus - Servo Auger

    Salient Features  -  The EXCEL PLUS series comes with a plus advantage of automation equipped with CE marked PLC Controller and touch screen HMI. -  Print mark scanners, stati ... more

  •  Company: Nichrome Viewed : 891 times