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Contact Person: Mr. Pradeep Panchal
Contact No: +91 - 9727423549
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Products By Natmak Pharma Machinery
  • NMK Colloid Mill

    Salient Features - All contact parts are made out of S. S. 304 (S.S.316 on demand at extra charges). No casting are used for avoiding contamination problems.- Coupling provided between motor shaf ... more

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  • NMK Deburring & De Desting With Bruising Unit

    Salient Features - Noiseless & Maintenance free unit. - Electric power requirement less then other machines of the kind. - Height adjustment facility provided with the unit to suit with any R ... more

  •  Company: Natmak Pharma Machinery Viewed : 1191 times
  • NMK Micro Dies & Punches

    Salient Feature - Since 2004 Natmak Pharma Machinery has laid the foundation of its reputation as a manufacturer of exceptional, healthy, reliable machinery and    tooling with a global ... more

  •  Company: Natmak Pharma Machinery Viewed : 1497 times
  • NMK Dust Extractor

    Salient Features   - Provided with stainless steel SS 304 contact parts. - Blower fan is dynamically balanced and the unit is with castor wheels. - Overcome dust hazards as well as cross contamin ... more

  •  Company: Natmak Pharma Machinery Viewed : 1409 times
  • Comminuting Mill

    Salient Features   - G.M.P. point of view machine is provided with S. S. cladding on base, S. S. belt guards, S. S. cover on motor. No exposed painted surface on top of    the machine. ... more

  •  Company: Natmak Pharma Machinery Viewed : 1202 times
  • Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)

    Salient Features     - Rapid Mixer Granulator - The High Shear Mixer/Granulator is a multi-purpose processor equally suitable for high speed dispersion of dry powders,   aqueo ... more

  •  Company: Natmak Pharma Machinery Viewed : 1360 times
  • Fluid Bed Dryer (FBD)

    Salient Features   - Drying is one of the oldest unit operations and yet it is one of the least understand and most complex.- Several drying technologies have reached maturity viz. further R& ... more

  •  Company: Natmak Pharma Machinery Viewed : 1268 times
  • Multi Mill

    Salient Features   - Direction of beaters can be changed by reversible switch. - All contact parts can be easily and quickly dismantled and cleaned. - Machine is designed for continuous operation ... more

  •  Company: Natmak Pharma Machinery Viewed : 1214 times
  • Double Cone Blender

    Salient Features   - Double Cone Blender is very effective performing of dry blending, mixing, lubrication and homogenizing of the powder and granules.- The material loading and unloading by ... more

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