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Contact Person: Mr. Ram Prasad
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Products By Millennium Industries
  • Fluid Bed Dryer (FBD)

    Salient Features                      - Are most suitable for drying granular,crystaline,coarse or s ... more

  •  Company: Millennium Industries Viewed : 1483 times
  • Multi Mill

    Salient Features - Mutimill is widely used for wet and granulation, pulverization in pharmaceutical, chemicals etc. - It operates on the principle of variable force swing beaters having both knif ... more

  •  Company: Millennium Industries Viewed : 1288 times
  • Vibro Sifter

    Salient Features         - The millennium sifter, the sieving, grading machine is specially designed and developed for separation of solids and gradation of mat ... more

  •  Company: Millennium Industries Viewed : 1095 times
  • Tray Dryer (Vacuum)

    Salient Features- 4" dial vacuum and temperature gauge is provided on the suction line. - Temperature gauges are provided at inlet and outlet of water circulation. - Sight Windows, vacuum break valve ... more

  •  Company: Millennium Industries Viewed : 1068 times
  • Octagonal Blender

    Salient Features       - All the product contact parts are SS 316. - All the inlet air contact parts and other components are SS 304. - Other than SS all other materials ... more

  •  Company: Millennium Industries Viewed : 858 times
  • Comminuting Mill

    Salient Features - Contact parts in SS 316 and rest in SS 304.- Screw Feeder for powder feeding with VFD in Micro Pulveriser.- FLP Motor and Electricals.- Dynamically balanced rotor with blades.- ... more

  •  Company: Millennium Industries Viewed : 1185 times
  • Tray dryer

    Salient Features  - Main Body/Vacuum chamber SS316  with heavy duty SS316 flange and Stiffeners.  - Door SS 316 (hemisphere shape) with heavy duty SS316 flange.- Shelves Hollow Type pad ... more

  •  Company: Millennium Industries Viewed : 1281 times
  • Roto Cone Vacuum Dryer

    Salient Features- Inner shell/Cone and contact parts in SS 316. - Steam/HW water Jacket in SS 304. - Insulation with jacket in SS 304. - Cyclone separator in SS 316.- Condense ... more

  •  Company: Millennium Industries Viewed : 1084 times
  • Coating Pan

    Salient Features - Is well designed for tablet and pellet coating. The rotational speed, angle of inclination of pan, volume and temperature has been considered.   The shape of the bowl is s ... more

  •  Company: Millennium Industries Viewed : 991 times
  • Planetary Mixer

    Salient Features - Is ideal mixer for mixing of wet/dry materials. It has a homogeneous mixing action.- The planetary motion of the beater enables faster and better mixing of materials at a ... more

  •  Company: Millennium Industries Viewed : 908 times
  • Mass Mixer

    Salinet Features       - It consist of U shaped drum made up of SS316 material, containing mixing paddle type blades welded to the main shaft provide for    e ... more

  •  Company: Millennium Industries Viewed : 1095 times