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Contact Person: Mr. S.S.Mahal
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Products By Mahal Engineering
  • Roll Compactor

    Salient Features            - Our Roll Compactors are easily distinguished from the common to arrive at a supreme niche category of particle proc ... more

  •  Company: Mahal Engineering Viewed : 1242 times
  • Oscillating Granulators

    Salient Features     - Solid construction: This machine’s body is fabricated of SS plates and then machined to appropriate dimension and quality standard of   V & K Indust ... more

  •  Company: Mahal Engineering Viewed : 1085 times
  • Dies & Punches

    Salient Features       - Punches and Dies from Mahal Engineering have today carved out a select market for themselves internationally as well as domestically.- Being the ... more

  •  Company: Mahal Engineering Viewed : 1072 times
  • Single Side Rotary Machine

    Salient Features      - These machines are Single Sided Rotary Tableting Presses offered in 12,16 20, and 23 station configurations.- Ruggedly built with prime materials, thee ... more

  •  Company: Mahal Engineering Viewed : 1069 times
  • Double Sided Rotary Machine

    Salient Features                   - These machines are Double Sided Rotary Tableting presses offered in ... more

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