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Products By Leela Pharma Machineries
  • Pressure Vessels

    Salient Features   - Made out of s.s.316 of 16 SWG.- Complete with ring cover wing nuts and Silicon Gasket “O” Ring.- Bent outlet nozzles shall be fitted with s.s.pipe draw out all the fluid ... more

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  • Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

    Salient Features   - The unit is having strong base to give trouble free operation.- All S.S. cover with mirror polish.- The basic unit consists of SS Conveyor belt with Extra D.C. Motor & speed regul ... more

  •  Company: Leela Pharma Machineries Viewed : 690 times
  • Sterility Test Unit

    Salient Features    - Mainfold Filteration System- Available in single, Three & Six Branch unit- Filtration Size : 47mm Dia- Funnel Capaicity : 300ml.- Complete unit made out of s.s ... more

  •  Company: Leela Pharma Machineries Viewed : 778 times
  • Membrane Filter Holder

    Salient Features   - Size: 142mm & 293mm- Dia: Made out of s.s.316- Quality s.s.suitable for filteration of sterile liquids.- The unit is provided with Two Silicon gasket “O” Ring & ... more

  •  Company: Leela Pharma Machineries Viewed : 687 times
  • Zero Holdup Filteration Unit

    Salient Features Applications     - To filter final product in Pharmaceuticals, Perfumes, I. V. Fluids, Dyes & Chemicals, Activated carbon, Pesticides, Cosmetics, Varnishe ... more

  •  Company: Leela Pharma Machineries Viewed : 763 times
  • Pharmaceutical Capsule Filling Machines

    Salient Features Application   - Used for Filling the powder in Capsule.- The machine is designed for filling a wide variety of formulation into hard gelatin capsules & ideally suit ... more

  •  Company: Leela Pharma Machineries Viewed : 1114 times
  • Fluid Bed Dryer

    Salient Features Technical Specification   - Monoblock Construction: Retarding chamber and expansion chamber are made in single piece construction to enhance cGMP and facilitate   ... more

  •  Company: Leela Pharma Machineries Viewed : 1204 times
  • Vibro Sifter

    salient Features Application   - Vibro sifter are circular unitary gyratory screens used to separate mass composition of solids from solids, liquid from solid and for gradation   o ... more

  •  Company: Leela Pharma Machineries Viewed : 1214 times
  • Coating Pan / Coating Machine

    Salient Features Technical Specification    - The model is available with S. S. 304 / 316 / 316L Semi ellipsoidal size pan with a circular mouth for charging & discharging of t ... more

  •  Company: Leela Pharma Machineries Viewed : 1270 times
  • Storage Vessel / Receiver Tank

       Salient Features   - We offer a diverse range of tanks which can be fully customized in accordance with the demands and specifications of the clients.- We use quality material of mild steel and sta ... more

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  • Bottle Filling Machine

    Salient Features   - For accuracy to fill liquids into bottles, vials, cans etc.- The unit is strong constructed and covered with s.s.304 sheet.- The unit provide 3 different speed to give o ... more

  •  Company: Leela Pharma Machineries Viewed : 932 times
  • Bottle Washing Machine

    Salient Features    - Provided with four separate stations for inside wash and one station for outside wash.- Washing sequences and positioning of washing stations can be interchanged a ... more

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  • Rubber Bung Washing Machine

    Salient Features   - Suitable for washing of rubber / latex stoppers for vials and bottles.- Unit consists of outers container of s.s.304 with overflow through.- Inner product holder is a s. ... more

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