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Contact Person: Mr. Bhupat Patel
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Products By Krishna Engineering
  • Ribbon Blender

    Technical Specifications     - Out Put Speed : 3- Discharge Valve : 4"   Salient Features    - The shape of container and mixing stirrer giv ... more

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  • ETO Sterilizer

    Salient Features    - "Ethylene oxide sterilizer" is defined as equipment which uses ethylene oxide as a biocide to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungus and other   unwanted organisms ... more

  •  Company: Krishna Engineering Viewed : 1115 times
  • Industrial Boilers

    Salient Features    - We are engaged in manufacturing high performing Boilers that are appreciated for its performance and high efficiency.- These are basically closed vessels in which ... more

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  • Tank

    Salient Features      - Based on the concept glass-fused-to-steel tanks, and Stainless Steel Tanks are shipped as precut and pre-punched finished sheets. - Maintaining a standard i ... more

  •  Company: Krishna Engineering Viewed : 1000 times
  • Tray Dryer

    Salient Faetures    - As a tray dryer manufacturer we have earned a good reputation in India. Our tray drying equipments are available in various models and sizes. ... more

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