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Karnavati Engineering Ltd   
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Contact Person: Mr. Navneet Patel
Address: Corporate office-S. No. 342,Nani Kadi,Taluka
Area: Dist- Mehsana
Pin Code: 382715
Contact No: 9099099304
All User Products: All Products by karnavati
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Products By Karnavati Engineering Ltd
  • Karnavati - Dies & Punches

    Salient Features - Punches and dies are made of OHNS / HCHC. - OHNSOil Hardened Nitride steel / HCHCHigh carbon High chromium steel. - Made on CNC machines.- Careful matching of material and hard ... more

  •  Company: Karnavati Engineering Ltd Viewed : 1673 times
  • Karnavati - Mini Press - I

    Salient Features - Centrally driven slotted turret fitted with thrust bearing.- AC Variable Drive with fixed pulley.- Granules fed through open feed frame which ensures easy settings and minimum& ... more

  •  Company: Karnavati Engineering Ltd Viewed : 1707 times
  • Karnavati - HD 410 AC Model Mother /Main Drive

    Salient Features - The Horizontal main drive, HD 410 AC, which is completely maintenance free, has 1 HP 0.75 KW, three phase AC motor. - The motor rpm can be controlled with AC variable drive to ... more

  •  Company: Karnavati Engineering Ltd Viewed : 1252 times
  • Karnavati Engineering - Capsule Filling machine

    Salient Features - Maximum Output of 3000 capsules / hour.- Auto Rejection of Unopened Capsule.- Change Over Time 50 Minutes.- No Tools required for the changeover.- Validation IQ/OQ available up ... more

  •  Company: Karnavati Engineering Viewed : 1602 times
  • Karnavati Engineering - Lab Mini Press

     Salient Features - Turret fully Electrode less Nickel Plated.- Force Feeder.- Pre Compression.- Operator Safety Features € Interlocking on upper & lower guard.- Outside Contro ... more

  •  Company: Karnavati Engineering Ltd Viewed : 1926 times
  • Karnavati Engineering - Capsule Filling Machine

    Salient Feature - Output  : Up to 40,000 capsules /hour for powder filling.- The Machine is capsule friendly and is suitable for any type of lock feature capsule.- Easy and fast changeo ... more

  •  Company: Karnavati Engineering Viewed : 1168 times
  • Karnavati Engineering - Double Layer Tablet

    Salient Feature                  - Main Motor with ACVF.- Turret with lower punch seal.- Safety Interlocking for Up ... more

  •  Company: Karnavati Engineering Viewed : 1549 times
  • Karnavati Engineering - Single Side Rotary Press

    Salient Features   - The heavy duty tablet press machine ideal for Veterinary tablet production industries, Detergent and soap industries & Chemical Industries   RSP 10/8 SP ar ... more

  •  Company: Karnavati Engineering Ltd Viewed : 2166 times
  • Karnavati Engineering - Dedusting Deburring Machine

    Salient Features- Very low Electrical power consumption - Very low noise level - No Moving Components, hence almost maintenance free- Height Adjustment RAM Assembly to adjust the tablet press output d ... more

  •  Company: Karnavati Engineering Viewed : 2104 times
  • Karnavati Engineering - Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    Salient Features     - Maximum output of 1500/3000 capsules/ hour*- Machine with powder and pellet filling- Liquid filling attacment- Tablet filling attachment- Partial filling attachment- Auto reject ... more

  •  Company: Karnavati Engineering Ltd Viewed : 2343 times
  • Karnavati Engineering - Double Sided Rotary Press

    Salient Features              - ELNP SGI Turret and Upper cam tracks- Front controls: Four easy to use knobs to control table ... more

  •  Company: Karnavati Engineering Ltd Viewed : 1337 times
  • Karnavati Engineering - Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    Salient Features   - KR- 90 a fully automatic capsule filling equipment is used in industry for the filling of hard gelatin capsules. It can be used to fill capsules sizes  varying from ... more

  •  Company: Karnavati Engineering Ltd Viewed : 1107 times
  • Karnavati Engineering - Double Sided Rotry Press

    Salient Features    - SG Iron Nickel plated turret with lower punch seal- AHCOS --- Auto hydraulic compression overload system- Machine capable of compressing variety of different ... more

  •  Company: Karnavati Engineering Ltd Viewed : 2126 times
  • Karnavati Engineering - Double Sided Rotary Machine

    Salient Features            - Turret made of SG Iron with ELNP plating and upper punch with keyway for shaped tablet and with lower punch seal -  ... more

  •  Company: Karnavati Engineering Ltd Viewed : 1276 times
  • Karnavati Engineering - R & D Model

    Salient Features   - ELNP SGI Turret and Upper cam tracks- Force feeder - Feed Frame( Aluminum HE 30 or Gun Metal)- In-built Pre-compression and main compression- Outside control for thickne ... more

  •  Company: Karnavati Engineering Ltd Viewed : 1976 times
  • Karnavati Engineering - Counting & Filling Machine

    Salient Feature   - The attachment is suitable for automatic counting and filling of tablets, capsules, coated tablets, pills as well as lentil, bean or ball shaped objects    with ... more

  •  Company: karnavati engineering Viewed : 1457 times
  • Karnavati Engineering - In - Line Homogenizer

    Salient Features       - The Homogeniser used in the preparation of oil-in-water and water-in-oil construction in quantity up to 30kg. per hour. - A piston pump produces ... more

  •  Company: Karnavati Engineering Ltd Viewed : 1121 times
  • Karnavati Engineering - Dust Extraction Unit

    Salient Features - Inlet Connection & Outlet  - 60 mm O.D. - Air Flow  - 4000 LPM - Vacuum Developed - 700 mm of water (max)   ... more

  •  Company: Karnavati Engineering Ltd Viewed : 1596 times
  • Automatic Tablet coating machine

    Automatic Coating System is designed with the latest machine concepts to havesimple construction but superior efficiency. Variety of models are on offer; fromlaboratory scale up to tonnage capacity. A ... more

  •  Company: Karnavati Engineering Ltd Viewed : 1960 times