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Contact Person: Mr. R. K. Menon
Contact No: +91 - 9821069064
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Products By Karishma Pharma Machines
  • Homogeniser

    Salient Features   - This unit is suitable for mixing of different types of liquids like oil in water & water in oil construction up to 30 kgs. /hour. A piston pump    produces ... more

  •  Company: Karishma Pharma Machines Viewed : 1342 times
  • Planetary Mixer

    Salient Features     - This mixer is designed to be used as a mixing for pastes ointments & creams. It can also be used for wet powders. This mixer is provided   with ... more

  •  Company: Karishma Pharma Machines Viewed : 1135 times
  • Counting and Filling Machine

    Salient Feature     - This attachment is suitable for counting and filling tablets and capsules in to bottles tins and poly bags etc. change over one set of change   part ... more

  •  Company: Karishma Pharma Machines Viewed : 1631 times
  • Tube Filling Machine

    Salient Features   - All operations are automatic except the feeding of tubes- Suitable for all standard tube sizes- No Tube - No Fill device- No tailing achieved by special pneumatic string ... more

  •  Company: Karishma Pharma Machines Viewed : 1080 times
  • Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    Salient Features     - Compact, sturdy, covered with stainless steel panels, hood covered with acrylic guard. - Fill weight adjustment within seconds. - Tamping Mechanism' for powd ... more

  •  Company: Karishma Pharma Machines Viewed : 1652 times