Finepac Structures Pvt. Ltd.   
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Contact Person: Swapnil Landge
Contact No: 8975750760
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Products By Finepac Structures Pvt. Ltd.
  • Pusher Centrifuge

      Finepac has been manufacturing Pusher Centrifuge for solid liquid separation   Main Features: 1. Solid liquid separation in continuousoperation.2. Higher wash efficienc ... more

  •  Company: Finepac Structures Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 735 times
  • Static Mixer

      Static Mixer are a seriesof geometric mixing elements fixed within a pipe,which use the energy of the flow stream to createmixing between two or more fluids.Static Mixer used to mix liquid ... more

  •  Company: Finepac Structures Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 674 times
  • Bubble cap Trays

    1. Bell shaped inverted bubble caps having verticalslots are fixed over cylindrical risers.2. Vapours travel upwards through risers and diffusethrough the bubble caps.3. Effective diffusion of gas thr ... more

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