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Products By Everflow Scientific Instruments
  • Tray Dryer

    Salient Features   - Triple walled construction on a sturdy angle iron frame.- Inner and outer made up of heavy M.S. sheet.- Outer body is primer painted to prevent rusting. - Inner body is ... more

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  • Everflow Autoclave Vertical Type

    Salient Features - Double walled construction with Inner chamber made of Heavy Gauge Stainless Steels sheet (SS 304) and outer made of polished stainless steel sheet    with Air insulat ... more

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  • Everflow Bactereological Incubator

    Salient Feature - The Unit consists of a compact rectangular box section of light metal alloy, housing the heating elements and built-in energy regulator controls. - The flexible and elastic heat ... more

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  • Everflow Analytical Balance

    Salient Features - Made of UniBloc Technology for stable temperature characteristics, excellent response time and stable corner-load performance. - AUW-D dual range analytical balances are the fi ... more

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  • Everflow Multiparameter Handheld Meter

    Salient Features - Water proof model with GLP, RS232, IrDA, Multiparameter display. - Can measure pH / mV / conductivity / TDS / Resistivity / Salinity / Dissolved Oxygen / C / F. - Simultane ... more

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  • Everflow Autoclave Portable

    Salient Features - Complete stainless steel body. - Fitted with pressure gauge upto 20 psi. - The Unit has spring loaded safety valve for pressure adjustment and a dead weight safety valve. - Aut ... more

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