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Products By Erweka India Pvt Ltd.
  • Hand Held Hardness Tester TBH

    Salient Features - Portable design- Tests samples up to 28 mm diameter - Measuring range 1 – 500 N, optional 1 – 1.000 N- Accuracy ± 0.5 % full scale- Electronic Load Cell- Hand driven test jaw- ... more

  •  Company: Erweka India Pvt Ltd. Viewed : 1968 times
  • dosing filling

    Salient Features     - The machine is suitable to fill drip free ointments, creams, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic emulsion, toothpaste, oil paints, jam, ketchup and similar   p ... more

  •  Company: Erweka India Pvt Ltd. Viewed : 1277 times
  • In line homognizer

    Salient Features   - This is used in the preparation of oil-in-water and water-in-oil construction in quantities up in 30 kg / hour depending on product. Homogenizing  takes place by th ... more

  •  Company: Erweka India Pvt Ltd. Viewed : 1245 times
  • Drum mixer

    Salient Features    - This unit is suitable to attached Horizontal Main Drive [HMD], hoop mixer is suitable to research as well as industrial use in the pharmaceutical,   chem ... more

  •  Company: Erweka India Pvt Ltd. Viewed : 1465 times
  • Coating / Polishing

    Salient Features       - The polishing drum consists of felt lined inside of a metal drum for polishing coated tablets.- The bottom of the drum is also lined with felt.- ... more

  •  Company: Erweka India Pvt Ltd. Viewed : 1521 times
  • Coating / Polishing

    Salient Features   - The coating pan is used to produce uniform coating on tablets. - This can be used with the universal Gearing and as a result different tilting angle can be set up to 45 ... more

  •  Company: Erweka India Pvt Ltd. Viewed : 1519 times
  • Double Cone Blender

    Salient Features     - This unit is used for rapid mixing of all types of free flowing powders and granules.- The uniform, multidimensional arrangement of the mixer walls ensures g ... more

  •  Company: Erweka India Pvt Ltd. Viewed : 1314 times
  • Counting & Filling Machine

    Salient Features     - This is an automatic counting and filling capsules, tablets, coated tablets, pills and all round shaped objects with diameter from 5 mm to 20 mm   in to ... more

  •  Company: Erweka India Pvt Ltd. Viewed : 1718 times
  • Mass Mixer

    Salient Features      - This attachment is having horizontal half round bowl open on upper side with acrylic cover and specially designed mixing blade.- The Main Mixing Blade ... more

  •  Company: Erweka India Pvt Ltd. Viewed : 1670 times
  • V Blender

    Salient Features    - The 'V' Blender is mainly used for mixing of dry power and it provides excellent results when mixing two different powers.- This mixer provides a unique movement t ... more

  •  Company: Erweka India Pvt Ltd. Viewed : 1347 times