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Products By Development Resources
  • Pneumatic Pet Strapping Tool

    Salient Features - Pneumatic Strapping tool, PET strapping tool is applicable to neutral packaging and widely used in the export enterprises of Iron, Color metal, textile,   household e ... more

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  • Stretch Wrapping Film

    Salient Features - Protect your product from exposure to elements  - Rapid and easy application to speed up movement  - Saves storage space, Lowers packaging cost  - Excellent visu ... more

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  • Polyolefin Shrink Film

    Salient Features - Shink Films cover a wide range of applications:  - 100% LLDPE  - Thin Plastic Material  - Shrinkable - Seal-able to produce a closed pack  - For Food & ... more

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  • Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine

    Salient Features - XT series film wrapping machine adopts LLDPE stretch film as packing material to pack large and heavy or artistic face package. - By that way it can keep package from dust, dam ... more

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  • Carton Sealing Machine

    Salient Features - Carton sealing machine, Carton sealer, and Carton taping machine: Auto carton sealer is suitable for carton packing, which can be used for single use or   production ... more

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  • Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

    Salient Features - Model XT8021 Low Table  - Tension 5~60 kg  - Strap speed  2.2 second/strap  - Strapping Properties  PP, PEO. 6~1.0 mm (Thickness) 6~15 mm (width)  ... more

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  • Shrink Tunnel

    Salient Features - This machine is applicable to every kind of contraction films of multiple specifications such as PVC, PP, POF, C3, and D995. - Adopt the potter and quartz's constant temperatur ... more

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  • Shrink Pack

    Salient Features - Shrink Pack system is equipped with Conveyor Belt. L-sealer cuts and seals film and Tunnel Shrinks the products. - Innovations India is an internationally renowned manufacturer ... more

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  • Vacuum Packing Machine

    Salient Features - DZ400-2D is featured by automatic processing of vacuuming, sealing, printing, cooling, which is used in vacuum packaging for the   food ,pharmaceutical, aquatic, chem ... more

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  • Chamber Type Machine

    Salient Features - It seals and shrinks in a single self-controlled operation without the need of tunnel.- Boxes, Jewel boxes, Bottles, Jars, Metal components, Stationary, Can etc.- Sleeve packin ... more

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