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Contact Person: Mr. Surender Sharma
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Products By Cre Industries India
  • Air Shower

    Salient Features - CRE make Air Showers are specially designed to remove dust and germs from the apparel of persons entering in clean area by mean of fully automatic, electromagnetic door Interlo ... more

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  • Double Door Dynamic Pass Box

    Salient Features - CRE Double door Dynamic pass boxes are equipped with electromagnetic interlocking device for pick up and delivery of goods to reduce the movement of persons in and out of clean ... more

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  • Laminar Air Flow Horizontal / Vertical

    Salient Features - CRE Make LAF Units designed to provide a work area free from airborne particles completely self-contained unit; not dependent on other equipment, functions effectively in uncon ... more

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  • HVAC Filters

    Salient Features - CRE has pioneered the technology of manufacturing of HVAC Filters covering from the range of Pre Filter to Absolute Filter.- The Application include commercial air conditioning ... more

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  • Biological Safety Cabinet

    Salient Features - CRE make" Biological Safety Cabinets are partly-recirculating laminar airflow enclosures with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration of exhaust air and an air barrie ... more

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