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Products By Cole-Parmer
  • Centrifugal Pump

    Salient Features - Cole-Parmer offers you a wide range of Centrifugal Pumps ranging from Magnetic Drives to Mechanically Coupled Pumps. - Mechanically Coupled Pumps have a physical connection bet ... more

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  • Benchtop NMR Spectrometer

    Salient Features - The world’s first miniature NMR spectrometer―affordable, portable, and easy to use- Cole-Parmer offers the world’s first miniature NMR spectrometer―a true breakthro ... more

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  • Baths & Circulators

    Salient Features - Cole-Parmer offers an extensive range of laboratory baths, circulators and chillers for use in temperature control of laboratory and industrial   applications. - Cole ... more

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  • Metering Pump

    Salient Features - Cole-Parmer offers a range of metering pump categories, including diaphragm pumps, gear pumps, peristaltic pumps and piston pumps. - Various options are available for applicati ... more

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  • Ultrasonic Bath

    Salient Features - Cole-Parmer offers Cooling/Heating Circulators Baths, ideal for industrial or laboratory applications with a wide variety of temperature control   requirements. - Ava ... more

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  • Filter Paper

    Salient Features - Cole-Parmer offers laboratory filter papers that are manufactured to exacting standards for uniform performance. - It has fast flow rate, retains coarse particulates and gelati ... more

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  • Ultrasonic Processors

    Salient Features - Cole-Parmer offers ultrasonic processors that deliver 500 or 750 watts at 20 kHz. - The 500-watt models are recommended for smaller volumes, and for probes of 1/2-inch or less. ... more

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  • Ovens

    Salient Features - Cole-Parmer's laboratory ovens and gravity ovens are suitable for a variety of heating applications. - Whether your application is for drying, ageing, softening or sterilizing ... more

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  • Furnaces

    Salient Features - Cole-Parmer offers Compact Benchtop Muffle Furnaces. - These furnaces feature ceramic fiber insulation for fast heat-up and reduced energy consumption—rise time to 1100°C takes ... more

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  • Depth Filters

    Salient Features - Cole-Parmer offers Thermally Bonded Depth Filters/Cartridges. - The cartridges are manufactured using carefully controlled materials and processes, ensuring removal of silicone ... more

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  • Spectrophotometer

    Salient Features - Cole-Parmer offers Spectronic™ 200, a visible spectrophotometer designed with robust and innovative features. - The system incorporates the latest optical and detector technolo ... more

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  • Glassware - Beakers

    Salient Features             - Beakers with spouts are manufactured with uniform wall thickness to offer optimum balance between thermal sho ... more

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  • Infrared Thermometers

    Salient Features - Cole-Parmer offers large selection of Thermometers. Easy-to-use InfraPro™ infrared thermometers are rugged enough for industrial use yet compact   and lightweight to ... more

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  • Vaccum Pumps

    Salient Features - Cole-Parmer offers Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps for all your applications in laboratory, manufacturing floor and HVAC industry. - The lightweight design and rugged construction len ... more

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  • Homogenizer

    Salient Features - Digital High-Speed Homogenizers are ideal for batch homogenizing of cell tissues, and emulsifying suspended solids. - Shielded in a 316 stainless steel shaft, the rotor acts as ... more

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