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CIP Machineries Pvt Ltd   
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Contact Person: Mr. Harish Patel
Contact No: +91 - 9909982463
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Products By CIP Machineries Pvt Ltd
  • De - Burrer & De - Duster Machine

    Salient Features - Noiseless & Maintenance free unit.- Electric power requirement less then other machines of the kind.- Height adjustment facility provided with the unit to suit with any Rotary T ... more

  •  Company: CIP Machineries Pvt Ltd Viewed : 833 times
  • Comminuting Mill

    Salient Features     - G.M.P. point of view machine is provided with S. S. cladding on base, S. S. belt guards, S. S. cover on motor. No exposed painted surface on    top ... more

  •  Company: CIP Machineries Pvt Ltd Viewed : 1153 times
  • Roll Compactor

    Salient Features     - Mega Roll Compactor CIRC 200/50, 200/75 & 200/100 are G.M.P. Models. - Very compact design available in Plain, Water Jacketted or Flameproof Model. ... more

  •  Company: CIP Machineries Pvt Ltd Viewed : 1032 times