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Contact Person: Mr. Santosh Sawant
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Products By Blenzor (India)
  • Volumetric Filling Machine

    Salient Features             - Liquid filling machine is Semi-Automatic Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine. - Suitable fill 1ml-5Lit of any k ... more

  •  Company: Blenzor (India) Viewed : 948 times
  • Box Strapping / Box Sealing

    Salient Features         - Box strapping machines are widely used to package all kinds and sizes of boxes including corrugated and PP boxes.- Box strapping mach ... more

  •  Company: Blenzor (India) Viewed : 1084 times
  • Plastic Screw Cap Sealing

    Salient Features             - Screw Capping Machine is table top screw capping machine suitable to cap the bottles on the bottle, Jars etc ... more

  •  Company: Blenzor (India) Viewed : 1007 times
  • Automatic Capsule Filling

    Salient Features - BLENZOR-FCF-5000 is Fully Automatic Version Capsule Filling Machine specially design to produce quality capsules and high speed   production for all sizes of capsules. Tec ... more

  •  Company: Blenzor (India) Viewed : 968 times
  • Filling - Augar

    Salient Features                    - Auger filler is Semi-Automatic Powder Filling Machine - Auger fille ... more

  •  Company: Blenzor (India) Viewed : 928 times
  • ROPP Capping Machine

    Salient Features           - Ropp capping machine is suitable to seal metal caps (ropp caps) - Ropp capping machine can handle 18mm to 60mm cap dia sizes.- Applicable for medicine bottles,oil bottles ... more

  •  Company: Blenzor (India) Viewed : 929 times
  • Shrink Wrapping Machine

    Salient Features          - Shrink wrapping machine is majorly used to wrap objects with film- Shrink tunnels are of different sizes to apply on various pr ... more

  •  Company: Blenzor (India) Viewed : 827 times
  • Strip Packing Machine

    Salient Features                   - Strip Packing Machine is also known as strip pack machine is widely used for pharmaceutical packaging.- Strip packing machine is applicable for tablets,capsules.- ... more

  •  Company: Blenzor (India) Viewed : 1223 times
  • Automatic Tube Filling Machine

    Salient Features              - The pump unit has a vertical dosing system, which aids in easy suction - Bottom-up filling coupled with ... more

  •  Company: Blenzor (India) Viewed : 962 times