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  • Air Handling Units (AHU)

    Salient Features-"Ananya's Whisper quite” is compact, silent, light weight, low power consumption, vibration free, free from cross-contamination and excellent    performance is guaranteed.- ... more

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  • Laminar Flow

    Salinet Features- ANANYA ENTERPRISES Offers a Range Of Laminar Air flow bio-clean Containment Stations confirming current ISO/TC Standards and   guidelines.- Employing contemporary technolog ... more

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  • Dehumidifiers

    Salinet Features - All DSR Series dehumidifiers are completed with desiccant rotor, Process Blower Motor, Reactivation Blower Motor, Reactivation Heaters, Gear   reduction unit, filters ... more

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  • HVAC - Force Draft Ventilation

    Salinet Features - The required degree of filtration of the exhaust air depends on the exhaust air contaminants and local environmental regulations.- FDV with Single skinned structure complete wi ... more

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