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Aditya Equipments pvt. Ltd.   
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Contact Person: Subodh Naik
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Products By Aditya Equipments pvt. Ltd.
  • Aditya High Shear Granulator

    Salient Features - GlobePharma's Model HSG-1-6 is a bench top high shear granulator with interchangeable bowls of 1-6 L. - It is designed for mixing, wet granulation and pelletization of pharmace ... more

  •  Company: Aditya Equipments pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 537 times
  • Aditya Capsule Polisher

    Salient Features - Globe Pharma's Model GPCP-350 is a versatile polisher. - Which can be used for both capsule polishing and tablet de-dusting. - It has a rotating brush with built-in GMP feature ... more

  •  Company: Aditya Equipments pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 367 times
  • Aditya Mini Blend

    Salient Features - 0.5, 1 and 2 quart interchangeable mixing shells - Programmable digital timer - Start, Stop and Jog controls ... more

  •  Company: Aditya Equipments pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 332 times