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    Salient Features - The machine is highly suitable for filling highly viscous products like aloevera gel, grease,paste etc.- The machine would run at  a speed up to 15 pcs per min / nozzle- S ... more

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  • SS Mixing Vessels

    Salient Features - ASPRO is facilitated with the state of the art infra structure for the manufacture of Stainless steel mixing vessels, Storage tanks, silos, trolleys etc.,- The company uses 3M ... more

  •  Company: ADHI SAKTHI PROJECTS Viewed : 1150 times
  • Case packing machine / Auto Case Packer

    Salient Features - The case packing machine is designed for packing products inside Master Cartons / Cases / CLDs / CBPs/ CFC etc.- Depending upon the product nature, packing material and the pac ... more

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  • Weigh Fillers

    Salient Features - Semi-Automatic Weigh metric filling Machine is designed to pack powders and granules like sugar,salt,tea,rice etc in pouches are containers. - The machine is highly suitable fo ... more

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  • Cartoning Machines

    Salient Features - Cartoning machine is designed to automatically erect cartons, pack the products and close the flaps by tucking in or pasting suiting to the design of cartons. - Products like T ... more

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  • Cream and Ointment Mixers

    Salient Features - To manufacture bulk required for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic applications - Creams, Lotions, Gels, Ointments, Medicinal products, tooth paste etc., can be manufactured using th ... more

  •  Company: ADHI SAKTHI PROJECTS Viewed : 1160 times
  • Vertical Form Fill and Sealing Machines

    Salient Features - The  basic  machine is supplied with the option of belt draw down mechanism or the draw bar mechanism - Product contact points are made of SS 304 - Machine is fully c ... more

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  • Flow Wrap Machine

    Salient Features - The horizontal flow wrap machines often termed commonly as the flow wrap machine is used for wrapping products tightly inside the laminates.- Products like soaps, detergent bar ... more

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  • Tablet Counting Machines

    Salient Features - The multi-tray tablet counting machine is developed by aspro to suit for the requirement of counting the tablets through high sensitive sensors and pack it into containers or p ... more

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  • Conveyors

    Salient Features ASPRO is specialized in making different types of Conveyors for various applications - Belt conveyors - Screw conveyors - Roller conveyors - Bucket elevators - Roller cum Be ... more

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