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Contact Person: Mr. Manoj Singhania
Address: 275 Udyog Bhavan, Sonawala Road
Area: Goregaon East
Pin Code: 400063
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Products By Adept Engineers
  • Multi-Chamber Feeder

    The 'Multi-Chamber Feeder' is designed to ensure that the diecavity is always covered with granules, allowing the tablet press to run at 50%more RPM. The special design and extra filling chambers make ... more

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  • ADEPT Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press

    ADEPTSingle Sided Tablet Press has been designed keeping in mind Adeptsphilosophy of providing simple and efficient solutions. Special emphasis hasbeen given on durability while designing so that the ... more

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  • ADEPT R&D Tablet Press

    This machine is a variant of our Double Sided Rotary Press. Instead of a regular turret the machine is fitted with a special R&D turret in which you can use all 'D', 'B' and 'BB' type tooling. Whe ... more

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  • ADEPT Spiral De-Dustrer

    A De-duster ensures that the tablets produced are clean, do not have any loose particles and reach the consumers intact. It also removes burr on the edges thereby reducing packaging problems and impro ... more

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  • Adept Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press

    ADEPT Double SidedTablet Press offers significant technical advantages that permit higher outputand increased efficiency in production. Specialemphasis has been given on durability while designing so ... more

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