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Contact Person: Mr. Quateel Ahmad
Address: Scitech Centre,7 Prabhat Nagar,Patel Estate
Area: Jogeshwari (West)
Pin Code: 400102
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Products By ACG Inspection Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  •    ACG Worldwide Blis-i

    -   ACG Inspection offers Blis-i, a cutting-edge color vision inspection system designed for online inspection of a wide range of products packed in blisters like capsules, tablets, vials, & ... more

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  •    ACG Worldwide - Capsule Filling Machine - Semi Automatic

    Salient Feature       - The SA-9 is a user-friendly machine with advanced features. - These features provide a high degree of automation which, coupled with sound manufac ... more

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  •    ACG Worldwide - Lab Semi Automatic liquid in Capsule Filler

    Salient Features   - The FLUIDOCAP 1000 is a semi-automatic, 'combi'laboratory machine that can fill liquid into hard capsules. - Further, these liquid-filled capsules are sealed using a gel ... more

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  •    ACG Worldwide - Consumer Goods Packing

    Salient Features  - Visibility at shelf space is the most important aspect for consumer goods. - Attractive presentation demands unusual packaging, which, if done manually consumes lot of costs a ... more

  •  Company: ACG Worldwide Viewed : 1991 times
  •    ACG Worldwide - Blister Packing + Cartoning

    Salient Features  - High output machine for both PVC/PVdC(600 blister/minute) and Alu/Alu (280 blisters/ minute).- Servo technology enables user friendly operation with quick change over.- Flat f ... more

  •  Company: ACG Worldwide Viewed : 2373 times
  •    ACG Worldwide - Automatic Capsule Filler - Dosating

    Salient Features- The model AF-40(D) is a fully automatic capsule-filling machine for filling powder formulations in the form of a slug into hard gelatin capsules of various sizes. - It is the only au ... more

  •  Company: ACG Worldwide Viewed : 12969 times
  •    ACG Worldwide - Capsule Polishing

    Salient Features     - The DP-100 is an advanced de-dusting and polishing machine. - It combines cGMP design and the most efficient method of polishing with engineering features th ... more

  •  Company: ACG Worldwide Viewed : 2266 times
  •    ACG Worldwide - Cartoning Machine

    Salient Features  - Absolutely no change part required for product change over.- Handles any shape € rigid & flexible.- Handles wide size range - 20 mm(W) X 15mm(H) X 55mm(L) to 135mm(W) ... more

  •  Company: ACG Worldwide Viewed : 2250 times
  •    ACG Worldwide - Automatic Capsule Filler

    Salient FeaturesThe AF-90T is a fully automatic capsule-filling machine that can fill a large variety of powder formulations into hard gelatin capsules.Output : 90,000 Capsules per hour for powders.&n ... more

  •  Company: ACG Worldwide Viewed : 2544 times
  •    ACG Worldwide - Capsule Filling Machine - Manual

    Salient Features - The MF-30, stainless steel model manually operated hard gelatin capsule-filling machine is the most widely used machine of its kind in the     pharmaceutical ind ... more

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  • ACG Worldwide Verif-i

    Normal0falsefalsefalseEN-GBX-NONEX-NONESalient Features-  ACG Inspection, a member of ACG Worldwide, presents Verif-i - a pedigree-compatible track & trace solution. -  One solution tha ... more

  •  Company: ACG Inspection Systems Pvt. Ltd. Viewed : 4358 times
  • ACG Worldwide - Automatic Capsule Fillers

    Salient Features - The Pam Capsula Legend 2500 is the next generation in automatic capsule fillers, combining futuristic design and ultra-modern engineering to take    capsule filling t ... more

  •  Company: ACG Worldwide Viewed : 1629 times
  • ACG Worldwide - Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    Salient Features - The AF-200(T) features an easy to use touch screen and allows machine speed adjustment from the main panel.- The AF-200(T) offers one of the fastest encapsulation speeds availa ... more

  •  Company: ACG Worldwide Viewed : 1833 times
  • ACG Worldwide - Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    Salient Features - To bring down the fatigue level in operators, SA-10 with certain level of higher automation, is an update version of SA-9 with the same output level. - Ergonomic design- A ... more

  •  Company: ACG World Wide Viewed : 1632 times
  • ACG Worldwide - Lab Models In Capsule Filling (Solid)

    Salient Features - This fully automatic laboratory capsule-filling machine gives you the flexibility to experiment with various combinations of dosage forms and also ensures    that the ... more

  •  Company: ACG Worldwide Viewed : 1933 times
  • ACG Worldwide - Manual Capsule Filling Machine

    Salient Features - Automatic loader, AL-90, automates the filling of capsule loading trays for PAM's 300-hole manually-operated filling machines, with improvements in    loading time.- ... more

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  • ACG Worldwide - Semi Automatic De-Blistering Machine

    Salient Features - Semi automatic de-blistering machine, suitable for de-blistering capsules and tablets packed in PVC/ALU blisters. - Unique design which dose not require any change parts for di ... more

  •  Company: ACG Worldwide Viewed : 1543 times
  • ACG Worldwide - Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    Salient Feature - The Fluidocap F-40 is a fully automatic capsule-filling machine that can fill a large variety of liquid and semi-solid formulations into hard capsules. - The machine is formulat ... more

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  • ACG Worldwide - Fully Automatic Band Sealing Machine

    Salient Features - The Fluidocap S-40 is a fully automatic band-sealing machine that is linked in line with the automatic capsule-filling machine Fluidocap F-40. - The liquid-filled capsules are ... more

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