Pharmaceutical & Healthcare blister packaging
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Salient Features
- In the pharmaceutical & healthcare industry, blister cards and blister wallets are commonly used for clinical trials, drugs promotion and commercial packaging.
- The advantage of using blister wallets as secondary packaging for drugs is that the information always stays with the drug itself unlike the case of folding boxes where the information about the drug is often lost after separating the blister strip from the box.
- Pharmaceutical wallets and blister cards also make it easy to apply child-resistant labels.
- Ecobliss pressure-sensitive pharmaceutical wallets and blister cards are widely used as secondary packaging for pharmaceutical, tablets and capsules that are pre-packed in a primary PVC/aluminium foil combination.
- The blister strip with drugs is securely positioned between two sealed pieces of board, usually a fold-over card.
- Pharmaceutical wallets are made in such a way that the products can always be pushed out of the blister strip.
- The key to the success of Ecobliss pharmaceutical packaging lies in the extremely simple and reliable sealing process.
- Only one parameter is important to get a perfect sealed package and that is pressure.
- Other packaging systems require pressure and time and heat.
- More parameters mean an unnecessarily complicated and much harder to control packaging process.
- Ecobliss provides Pharmaceutical blister cards and wallets in many different types and sizes, always designed to match your drug.
- Ecobliss wallets are used globally by many customers for the purpose of clinical trials.
- Large and small batches are easy to process.
- Ecobliss provides various types of packaging equipment, from simple hand rollers to automated packaging lines to match your requirements.


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