Pedestal Series Lab Furniture
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   Product Description

Pedestal Type systems are the classic lab furniture architecture. Pedestal system uses underbench modules which are supported by plinth support / metal legs.

Pedestal series furniture for both standing height (900 mm) and sitting height (800 mm) systems. which offers you modularity and aesthetics and is the value for money route to creating the lab of the future.

Wide range suitable for a variety of application



  • Corrosion resistance
  • Smooth and quiet in usage
  • Sturdy in operation
  • Completely made of G.I. With Epoxy powder coated
  • GI offering greater scratch and corrosion resistance
  • Module & Pedestals processed with pre- treatment.
  • Finished with highly corrosion resistant epoxy powder.
  • Powder coating With 70 - 80 microns thickness
  • 1000 hours salt spray test capability


Smooth and quiet in usage


  • Shutter and drawer front of sandwich construction
  • Shutters are mounted to the modules by corrosion resistant hinges
  • Shutters open to 95/270 degrees
  • Self closing on return


Sturdy in operation


  • Slick telescopic drawer slides
  • Run on highly sturdy roller bearings
  • Capable of supporting loads upto 30kg

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