Oscillating Granulators
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Solid construction: This machine’s body is fabricated of SS plates and then machined to appropriate dimension and quality standard of
  V & K Industries.
- Compact Design: The machine is so designed that it can either be directly fitted under the elevated Roll Compactor or it can be separately
  mounted on a platform of its own and be separately mounted on a platform of its own be shifted to any desired place of operation.
- Totally enclosed and sealed working area with an exhaust: The machine is totally enclosed and sealed so as to avoid cross contamination
  in a large department.
- In short it eliminates the dust problem in the working area, thereby maintaining a hygienic and clean department.
- Easily accessible for postoperative cleaning: The rotor of the machine is fitted with a quick clamp device hence it can be very easily dismantled
  for access to the perforated sieves.
- Washable by Steam: The machine is washable is by direct jet of steam.
- Positive Drive: Drive by gear motor in place of belt, or gears are used in drive mechanism.
- The machine is therefore more silent smooth and powerful.
- Highly Productive: The machine provides an optimum productivity depending upon the nature of slugs and size of granules.
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