Oscillating Granulator
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Efficient reciprocating type Oscillating Granulator.
- It is suitable for granulation of dry or wet pharmaceutical material.
- A totally enclosed gearbox is mounted on a base pillar at a convenient height.
- All gearing is enclosed in oil bath.
- No grease or other external lubrication is required.
- Hopper, the granulating blades both for dry and wet, sieves and all other parts which come in contact with the material to be granulated
  are made from stainless steel.
- Separate stirrers for dry and wet granulations are provided and they are so designed that the efficiency of granulation process is optimized
  in each case.
- The stirrers can also be replaced quickly and easily.
- A simple and positive arrangement of holding and tensioning of the screen is provided.
- The arrangement is such that the screen remains stretched throughout the operation and very close and uniform gap is maintained.
- Thus, it produces better excessive wear on both stirrer and the mesh.
- All the parts working on the materials being granulated can be easily and quickly dismantled for through washing without the use of spanners.
- Lower guard of polished stainless steel & upper guards of acrylic material.
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