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Opadry tm Taste Mask Film Coating System
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Opadry tm is a fully formulated, pigmented, immediate release film coating system designed specifically for the taste masking of tablets.
- It has been tested on a wide range of tablets containing bitter-tasting actives for effectiveness and stability.
- Opadry tm is applied in an aqueous process, to form a pH independent, water soluble film coating.
- On a tablet this coating will function as a barrier to mask an unpleasant taste with no effect on the release profile of the drug.
- The ingredients used to formulate Opadry tm meet the compendia requirements of the major pharmacopeia, and Colorcon provides the product both in
   white and custom color-matched pigmented systems.


   Colorcon Asia Pvt. Limited   
Contact Person: Ms. Shubha Shetty
City: Goa
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