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Opadry fx Special Effects Film Coating System
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Opadry fx is an aqueous film coating system designed to impart a pearlescent and lustrous finish which will help to create a unique appearance on a
   solid dosage form.
- Opadry fx will take your product to a higher level of brand differentiation.
- The Opadry fx system is offered in an array of colors and when coupled with a pigmented Opadry® II Complete Film Coating System sub-coating,will
   allow a nearly infinite selection of shades and hues along with high levels of gloss.
- Beyond brand recognition offered through this unique appearance, the Opadry fx film coating system can also provide an effective layer of added
   security against tablet counterfeiting.
- The pearlescent effects are evident at low application levels of the coating, and optimal pearlescence is established at a nominal cost per dosage.
- Opadry fx is a valuable alternative when compared with achieving differentiation through high gloss techniques that do not involve a film coating.
- Opadry fx is an effective coating system that is easy to use, cleans with water, and is applied utilizing standard film coating equipment and techniques.
- Utilization of Opadry fx will create novel products with existing assets.
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Contact Person: Ms. Shubha Shetty
City: Goa
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