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Ointment / Cream Manufacturing Plant (Complete Plant)
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   Product Description

- Saan Engineers manufactures fully automated ointment / cream manufacturing plant providing complete closed operations as required by the industries.
- Basic ingredients for the ointment / gel / tooth paste etc. is glycol, water and wax. The glycol in predetermined quantity is heated in the jacketed vessel
   and the wax in solid form in required quantity is melted in a jacketed vessel. These ingredients are subsequently transferred to manufacturing vessel
   where the active ingredients, minerals etc are added to make the ointment / gel / cream.
- The plant comprises wax phase, water / glycol phase, manufacturing and storage vessels with transfer pumps and associated product pipe lines. The
   water phase and wax phase vessels will have high shear stirrers where as the manufacturing vessel will have anchor type agitator with floating scrapper
   and high shear homogenizer / emulsifier. This combination allows the user to produce both low and high viscosity product in the same vessel.

Salient Features
- Lid lifting provided with hydraulic system.
- Contra rotary agitator for high viscosity products.
- Integrated cleaning system for CIP & SIP.
- Load cell on respective vessels for online weighing.
- Explosion proof design suitable for processing high inflammable solvent.
- PLC based control for complete automation of process, recipe administration and visualization.
- Available from 25 Kgs. to 1000 Kgs.

   Saan Engineers Pvt Ltd.   
Contact Person: Mr.P anil Kumar
City: Navi Mumbai
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