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Multi Mill
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Our Multi Mills arc serving in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyestuff, paints, ceramics, food industries, cosmetics, pesticides, fertilizers, plastics,
  spices, bakeries, resins, insecticides etc.
- Multi Mill is widely used for Granulation, Pulverization and Mixing. Swinging Hammer Blades and Scrapers arrangement gives Shredding &
  Chopping effect  Construction - The unit consists of Motor drive & Rotor assembly.
- The rotor assembly is equipped with swinging hammer blades & scrapers. The rotor has 4 different speeds - 750 /1500 / 2000 / 3000. The speed
  variation is achieved by aluminum cone pulley & belt arrangement on motor & rotor.
- Interchangeable Perforated Screen with Charging & Discharging Hopper is provided as per requirement. All internal & external SS parts are
  mirror polished.
Special Features
- GMP Models. Units with FLP are available.
- The base is mounted on 4 Nos castor wheels.
- Constructed in SS 304 / SS 316 / MS. Complete unit with S.S. cover and all surfaces - polished to mirror dull finish. MS parts dull painted to
  smooth finish.
- Wide range of SS perforated or wire knit screens available.
- Higher output with process unifomity.
- Different designs & Shapes of mixing beaters to suit particular mixing requirement for wide variety of materials.
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Contact Person: Mr. Hajimohmed Mookhi
City: Mumbai
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