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Multi Mill
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  UMM 250
Beater:  14
Rotor Assembly Dia:  250mm
Flame Proof Electricals:  Available On Demand
PLC Controls:  Available On Demand
Customization:  Available On Demand
Weight:  490 Kgs
Dimensions Length (mm):  1175
Dimensions Width (mm):  1175
Dimensions Height (mm):  2000
   Product Description

Multi Mill
Salient Feature :
-The ‘Multi – Mill’ is well established ‘comminuting mill’ widely used for ‘wet and dry granulations’, ‘pulverising’, ‘dispersion’ and scrap
-This versatile unit produces a highly uniform end product with minimum power consumption.
-The unit basically consists of a vertical rotor revolving inside a cylindrical screen.
-Multiple number of hammers (beaters) are pivoted on the rotor and revolve with the rotor, simultaneously having a swinging motion.
-These beaters have a close tolerance to the 360° cylindrical screen.
-Also, the beaters have a knife – like cutting edge on one side and a flat edge on the reverse.
-The cylindrical screen forms the milling chamber.
-The feed enters the milling chamber from the top, parallel to the axis – as different from normal hammer mills. Te milled / granulated product
 passes through the perforated screen surrounding the rotor and is collected through the outer hopper.
-The construction allows for processing wet, sticky, gummy and flow resistant materials apart from dry / granules.
-The solid feed can be up to 50 mm in size.
-The processed material can range from 10 mm to minus 100 mesh, depending on the nature of the feed input, size of screen chosen, speed of rotor
-This compact, portable, economical unit is low on power consumption, has all contact parts in stainless steel, produces highly uniform product,
 with minimum of ‘fines’, and can be dismantled, cleaned, and re-assembled within minutes without the use of any special tools.
-Multi Mill is ideally suited for processing chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, ceramics, powder metals, pigments, food products etc.


City: Chennai
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