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Mass Mixer
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- JIKOSHA’S KNEADER SIGMA MIXING MACHINE is a heavy-duty mixer specially designed to produce uniform mixing, blending &
   kneading of highly viscous, thick, pest type materials.
- The tangential action of mixing and kneading is thoroughly obtained by two ‘Z’ shaped kneading blades, which rotates very accurately at different
   speed towards each other causing the product to be transferred from one blade to the other.
- The mixing action is a combination of bulk movement, stretching, folding, dividing, and recombining of the material.
- The shearing & tearing action of the material against blades and the side walls causes size reduction of the solids.
- The machine consists of two counter-rotating tangential rotors in a specially shaped trough (W - shaped), curved at the bottom to form two
   longitudinal half cylinders.
- Close clearance is maintained between the blades & the walls resulting in a perfectly homogeneous mix.
- The shaft sealing is achieved by stuffing box arrangement with Teflon breaded gland rope packing so that the material does not leak out.
- Hinged type top cover is provided with a feeding hopper.
- Jacketed arrangement for heating or cooling application can be provided.
Discharge Arrangement
- Mechanical tilting arrangement with the help of worm & worm wheel done manually.
- Hydraulic or motorized tilting arrangement for quick & easy discharging of material.
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