Inoxpa - Inline Mixer (ME 4100 pharmaceutical)
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   Product Description

Salient Features

- The ME-4100 series of the inline high shear mixers offer a possibility to pump, disperse, homogenize and emulsify a wide range of products.
- It is especially useful in already existing facilities as tanks need no modifications that are required by the installation of a vertical or bottom of the tank models.
- They can work with a recirculation tank reaching the utmost efficiency after passing through the mixer several times.
- Due to the CIP/SIP-able design, the mixes can be used in the applications of the pharmaceutical industry.
- The example of some applications is production of ophthalmologic or contact lens solutions, syrups, pill coatings, creams, lotions and injection products.
Operating Principle

- The casing is similar to a centrifugal pump one, it houses the stator and the rotor.
- It is characterised by a high shear due to an adjusted tolerance between the rotor and the stator and the high speed of the rotor.
- The product is suction through the horizontal inlet and the rotor pushes it to the stator.
- Passing through the slots of the stator the product is mechanically sheared, the particles are sheared by the rotor at the speed of more than 20 m/s.
- And finally the flow is hydraulically sheared leaving through the slots of the stator at a high speed.
- If the viscosity of the product exceeds 200 Cp or the discharge pressure is high, an auxiliary pump is required.
Design and features

- High shear, particle reduction to the size less than 100 microns.
- Sanitary single mechanical seal.
- Slotted head (standard).
- Various easily interchangeable working heads.
- Completely CIP/SIP-able.
- Drainage port connection (in the casing): ".
- Standard connection: Clamp ISO 2852.
- Close-coupled construction, small baseplate.
- Motor shroud.
- Motors: IEC B5, IP 55, F-class insulation.

- Parts in contact with the product AISI 316L
- Other stainless steel parts AISI 304
- Mechanical seal (standard) C/SiC/EPDM
- Gaskets (standard) EPDM according to FDA 177.2600
- Surface finish Ra ≤ 0,5 μm

- Disintegrating head.
- Fine screen head.
- Flushed or pressurised mechanical seal..
- Connections: DIN 11851, SMS, etc.
- Baseplate with antivibration legs.
- Trolley with/without control panel.
- Other motor protections.
- Model ME-4130: possibility of a bare shaft construction.
- ATEX version available.
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