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   Technical Specifications
Model:  Macofar Micro 6
Material Of Construction (For Unit):  As per GMP Norms
Flame Proof Electricals:  Available On Demand
PLC Controls:  Available On Demand
Customization:  Available On Demand
   Product Description

- The Romaco Micro 6 is an intermittent motion monobloc machine, suitable for loading round stable glass vials, for dosing powder and for sealing them
   at low and medium speed.
- The Micro 6 is the ideal machine for applications that do not require an in line solution, where static ovens are used to obtain sterilization. The compact
   size of this machine, its GMP-design and its ergonomic features make it an outstanding solution for powder dosing. The Micro 6 can be linked to
   washing, sterilization and depyrogenation of a low production complete sterile line.
- Micro 6 is the state of the art answer to satisfy flexibility, reliability and small batch production.

Key Features

- Compact monobloc machine, featuring loading and unloading turntables, all with minimum of space requirements.
- Vacuum pressure assisted, highly accurate dosing system
- Simultaneous adjustment of dosing port volume
- Simple, fast and repeatable changeover
- Positive vial transport: starwheels guide the vials through the filling, stoppering and capping stations, ensuring they remain upright and guaranteeing
   correct placement.
- Vacuum assisted Pick and Place Stoppering station: the motion that applies the rubber stopper travels opposite to the vial direction. Product
   contamination with rubber particles is avoided by conveying the vial to the plugging station with the stopper already placed into their neck.
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