Income - Automatic Thermo Forming Machine
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  KB260/N
Material Of Construction (For Unit):  As per GMP Norms
Forming Depth (mm):  40
Customization:  Available On Demand
PLC Controls:  Available On Demand
Electricals:  400V - 50Hz (3p+N+PE)
Flame Proof Electricals:  Available On Demand
   Product Description

Technical Data
Performance Max
- 30 cycles/min. (variable according to format size)
Forming Material
- PVC, PET, PS and other thermoforming materials
Max. Forming Area (mm)
- 260 (web width) x 260 (pitch)
Reels Forming Standard (mm)
- max. 700

Reels Lidding Standard (mm)
- max. 300, Lidding reel core inner diameter 7076

- Aluminium

Machine Top (mm)
- 970 - variable according to interfacing

- Aluminium

Height From Floor (mm)
- 100 - variable according to interfacing

Working Environment
- Temperature Min. 15C Max. 30C
- Relative Humidity Min. 30% Max. 70


- Heating and forming station
- Thermosealing and cutting station
- Vial and ampoule loading station
- Available packs: Syringes, vials & ampoules
Main Characteristics
- The KB models are automatic thermoforming machines operated by PLC with transfer on one lane, for the production of trays in PET, PVC and
   polystyrene for packing syringes, ampoules and vials.
Balcony Constructed Frame

- The frame is completely constructed in anodised aluminium, tops, passage running boards, nuts and bolts are totally in stainless steel also. The
   balcony constructed frame allows maximum access for cleaning all the packaging areas, the sheath and tubing passages between the different areas
   are all in the lower part of the frame (under the running boards), these are accessible for any extra maintenance and additional space is available
   for other groups or accessories which may be added, easy access to the valves, electrical junction boxes, water collecting trays are positioned in
   the back of the frame with easy access through the electrical panel openings, which are assembled on hinges, the panels are fixed with RITTAL
   type locks with strict separation between driving elements and function groups, greases or oils used for lubrication must be FDA certified.
Versatility and Production Performance 
- Film translation formed by servo drive movement.
- Using servo drive translation movement the machine performance is improved and keeps the loaded product in position, this is due to a fast
   acceleration and slow down process but with delicate start and stop points. Other functions actuated by pneumatic groups.
- The main cylinders are designed and built by Farmo Res, tested on more than 400 machines of previous models and developed during over
   40 years of past experience enabling us to supply still today spare parts and upgrades. High performance keeping the pneumatic functions easy.
- Each actuator has a link to a valve and checking sensor to survey the correct group function, these are controlled by electronics with the diagnostic
   visible on the display. Size part recognition programmes are easy to insert and recall from the display to meet the requirements of plastic forming
   materials with characteristics more and more different between themselves, from the easiest up to the most complex pack shapes.
   Income Marketing Pvt. Ltd.   
Contact Person: Mr. Vishesh Parekh
City: Mumbai
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