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   Technical Specifications
Model:  Pressima AX
   Product Description

Salient Features
- Pressima AX is a force feed tablet press for R&D applications, clinical trial batches and small scale production.
- Interchangeable turret.
- Special turret version with both B and D type tooling is available.
- Pre-pressure and main pressure rollers are designed for forces similar to production machines ensuring a good scale-up.
- Compression area completely accessible from all sides for quick and easy cleaning.
- Mechanical area fully accessible for maintenance operations by simply opening the external casing.
- Average pressure displayed without instrumentation for R&D
- Machine operated by the control panel and fitted with handwheels to adjust fill depth, pre-pressure and main pressure.
- All values are displayed on the control panel.
- The machine instrumented for R&D can also display the following values: upper and lower compression force, ejection force, pre-compression force,
   tablet scraper force, upper and lower punch displacement.
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City: Navi Mumbai
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