IMAPG - Intermittent Motion Capsule Fillers
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  ZANASI 6/12 E
   Product Description

Salient Features
- Zanasi 6/12 E are capsule filling machines able to dose powders, pellets, liquids and tablets into hard gelatine capsules.
- The powder and pellet dosing units feature dosators and pistons that move down in the powder bowl, picking up the product by means of vacuum.
- The liquid dosing group makes use of an extremely precise volumetric dosing system; finally the tablet dosing unit is fitted with feeding tubes and blades
   that transfer the tablets into the capsule body. 
- The machines are equipped with a statistic weight checking unit for production monitoring.
- Maximum versatility in terms of combined dosing of various products into the same capsules.
- Easy access to the working area.
- Low size changeover and cleaning times.
- Simple construction and ergonomic interface: skilled operators are not required to run this machine.
   IMA-PG India Ltd.   
Contact Person: Mr.Anand Kulkarni
City: Navi Mumbai
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