IMAPG - Centrifugal Die Filling Tablet Presses
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   Product Description

Salient Features
-Comprima are centrifugal die filling tablet presses guaranteeing high yields and improving powder feeding, allowing maximum production speeds even with shaped tablets or difficult to handle products.

- Accurate feeding of the dies through specially shaped radial channels: the powder is always contained in a closed path, minimizing product losses.
- Complete separation between processing area and mechanical parts: no risk of powder contamination with lubrication oil.
- Compression force control with automatic feedback on machine working parameters.
- Possibility to fit the machine with an automatic Clean In Place system.
- Maximum protection of the product against any variation and maximum operator safety.
- Particularly suitable to be fitted with isolation technology.
   IMA-PG India Ltd.   
Contact Person: Mr.Anand Kulkarni
City: Navi Mumbai
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