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High Speed Bottle Unscrambler
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  PU-25C
Electricals :  1 kw, AC 220 V ,50~60 Hz
Flame Proof Electricals:  Available On Demand
PLC Controls:  Available On Demand
Customization:  Available On Demand
Weight:  60 kgs.
Dimensions Length (mm):  2550
Dimensions Width (mm):  1200
Dimensions Height (mm):  1430
   Product Description

Salient Features
- To array plastic bottle of varied shapes. It is designed to array automatically bottles from their natural disordered state to regularly parade
  onto the convey belt after bottles are poured into a large magazine, fitted with no-bottle alarm device, PLC control with touch screen.
- With option of electro-static dust cleaning device ,what s more, it utilizes double-wheel technique for separating bottle to provide more
  higher speed, more reliable bottle conveying.
Technical Specifications
- Max.Speed : 250 bottle/Min
- Bottle : 20 mm~55 mm
- Bottle height : 30~120 mm
- Air pressure : 0.5~0.7 MPa
- Air consumption : 60 L/min Clean air
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