Harikrushna Machinetech Pvt. Ltd - Premium Prefill Syringe Filling & Stoppering Machine
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   Product Description

Salient Features

- Machine is a compact, elegant and matt (Dull) finished encompassed with stainless steel (SS 304)
- Perfect synchronization of PLC based cycles, filling stroke and peristaltic pump to fill volume
- Pneumatically controlled Stoppering mechanism
- Compact and touch screen base control panel for easy control of the machine operation
- Very fast cleaning system (before and after production) compared to any mechanical syringe base machine which gives machine life more you can
clean the system from source tank to nozzle end nozzle end to source tank.
- More over you can wash system individually also. (Single Pump)
- You can accommodate CIP, SIP system with machine.
- No air inside the syringe tube
- Machine with laminar flow which require Class 100 to 1000 area
- Calibration facility inbuilt
- Very easy & accurate electronic based Volume setting of different prefill syringes
- No Dropping
- Each & every process you can see on the PLC Display itself
- Silicon pipes are used for machine filling process, so it is very easy to clean the system at higher temperature
- Filling & stoppering machine with individual PLC control
- Machine can set low to high viscosity of different material easily
- You can set time of filling - suck time and Flow rate
- Diving system with the design of Germany make ball screw and stepper motor control which has no vibration and very smooth kind of filling and
system itself take care that, filling material must be fill centrally in the syringe
- Design of nozzles and adjustment of flow rate is very useful for filling without air bubble / foaming in the syringes
- Operator has to keep a nest (tray) of pre-filled syringe over the SS jig. Then he has to put a jig to filling magazine and start the machine to filled
- Automatic filling cycle start in 10 steps with at a time syringe will fill with help of peristaltic pump

Operating Sequence

- Nitrogen flushing
- Filling

Special Features

- Operator has to keep a nest (tray) of pre filled syringes over the SS jig.
- Then he has to put a plug tray with suitable stoppers over the SS 316 plug tray.
- Then after he has to close the evacuation and stoppering
- Automatic filling cycle start one by one as per the programmed stoppering cycle mentioned as under. -Stoppers are plugged into the pre-filled
syringes precisely after vacuum hold cycle.
- Now last cycle of nitrogen flushing with vacuum break completes the Stoppering operation

Operating Sequence

- Vacuum.
- Nitrogen flushing.
- Vacuum hold.
- Stoppering.
- Flushing.

- Main advantage of system is no direct touch of filling material / product with any metal parts like syringe, valve etc.

   Harikrushna Machinetech Pvt. Ltd.   
Contact Person: Mr . Nimesh Thakar
Address: 306, 3rd Floor, 3rd Eye Two
Area: Opp. Parimal Garden C.G Road
Pin Code: 380006
City: Ahmedabad
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