Glass Reactor-Glass Reactors are main equipment in any Research and development laboratory
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   Technical Specifications
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   Product Description

Dear Sir/Madam 

UD Technologies specializes in Designing and Manufacturing for Glass Pilot plants and process Engineering Solutions 

We equally offers process solutions in different MOC like Corrosion  resistant MOC like Graphite and PTFE where it suits best to Applications

Our main business areas are 

1) Glass Pilot Plants for Chemicals Research and Development and Production
 Glass Reactor and Distillation set up

 Absorption-Batch and Continuous  Extraction-Liquid –Liquid-Mixer –Settler/Agitated Extraction Column/Extraction – Solid –Liquid

 Evaporation-  Rotary Film Evaporator-5 litre to 100 litre        Agitated Thin Film Evaporator                Wiped Film Evaporator                     Falling Film Evaporator

2) Distillation set up over Glass Lined Reactor

 3)Process Engineering Solutions

Bromine Production from Sea Bittern
• Bromine Recovery from Industrial Bromide Solution

• Hydrochloric Acid-Absorption- Concentration –Purification and Generation
• Sulphuric Acid- Dilution systems from Concentrated Sulphuric Acid –Battery Grade
• Gas Absorption-HCl-Br2-Cl2-SO2 and Ammonia

Please furnish your inquiries 

Best Regards


   UD Technologies   
Contact Person: Samir Shah
Address: Manjalpur
Area: 390011
Pin Code: 390011
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