Gas Solid Separation Systems
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   Product Description

Traditional equipment such as cyclones, baghouses, electrostatic precipitators, and scrubbers are not always able to
satisfy the industry’s demand for the most efficient, economical, safe, and energy-conserving gas solid separation
processes. Pall Corporation’s Gas Solid Separation (GSS) systems are used by hundreds of customers because they
can meet these requirements.
At the heart of the Pall GSS system is a sintered porous metal or ceramic filter element. Pall’s inorganic filter medium is
designed for surface filtration. It can withstand temperatures from 232°C (450°F) to 1000°C (1832°F) and pressures in
excess of 1000 psid (69 bard) without altering filtration characteristics.
The filter medium actually serves as a septum in that it provides a surface on which a cake of particles forms. This particle
layer will continue to build until a predetermined pressure drop — a function of cake thickness and compressibility
— is reached. A reverse flow of clean gas (blowback) is then introduced to dislodge the filter cake. The dislodged solids
are purged from the filter system, where they may be returned directly to the process for reuse or removed from the
process stream and dispatched to a collection unit.
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