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Fluid Bed System
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Techx's Fluid Bed Systems are highly versatile and can be used for various processes; Batch Granulation, agglomeration of powder
  products & top spray film coating.
- Batch drying of moist substances, e.g. Wet / High shear mix granulates.
- The machine tower is the most critical component of the system & is completely manufactured from Stainless Steel 316. The assembly
- Pneumatically sealed product container, optimized conical shape &quick disconnect bottom and fine sieve assembly
- Complete Stainless Steel trolley for the product container
- Automatic Filter Shaking system for the effective cleaning of the filter bags
- Each Air Handling Unit, is carefully configured, based on the process, locational and regulatory requirements.
- These units are totally modular in construction & can be assembled at site with ease All our Air Handling Units are designed as per
  cGMP norms.
- One of the important features is the control of the air volumes, which in most cases is done via a Position Control Valve, thereby giving
  control over the process.
Spray System
- The Peristaltic pumping system is used for precisely delivering the spray medium to the air atomizing spray nozzles.
- These nozzles are suitable for top as well as bottom spray.
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