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Fluid Bed Processor
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- For fifty years, Aeromatic-Fielder™ has supplied fluid bed processors for blending, granulating, drying, pelletizing and coating to the pharmaceutical
   industry. This includes small capacity systems designed for R & D as well as industrial size plants for batch production of Pharmaceutical compounds
   under cGMP conditions.
- Using proven standard components, Aeromatic-Fielder™ can supply both simplicity and flexibility in plant design. User selected process
   options, cleaning equipment, control systems and PAT technologies combine in a system to meet process requirements exactly.
- This approach ensures that qualification and validation procedures are kept to a minimum.
Technical Specification
- Dryer – with very short process time
- Top Spray Granulator – granulation and drying
- in a single pot process
- Spray Dryer Granulator – with batch or
- continuous discharge
- Precision Granulator – 'novel' granulation process
- Precision Coater– high spray rates for short processes
   Niro Pharma Systems / GEA Pharma   
Contact Person: Mr. Jayesh Prajapati
City: vadodara
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