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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Hindustan Fluid Bed Dryers are made of hihest standards of engineering and design. They offer functional versatality with reliability and strength.
- Fluid Bed Dryers is a proved technique which dramatically reduces drying times and removes production bottle necks.
- Danger of physical or chemical change are minimised, residual moisture can be closely controlled, drying capacity per unit floor space is incresed and higher drying temperature can be used.
- It is double walled filled with glass wool, Stainless Steel Container mounted on a trolley for easy handling of products.
- Models:
- 20 Kgs. Capacity
- 30 Kgs. Capacity
- 60 Kgs. Capacity
- 100 Kgs. Capacity
- Explosion proof models are also available.

   Hinpharma Equipments Private Limited.   
City: Kolkata
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